Understanding Custom Challenge Coins

Many of us do indulge in collections. Some of us would collect trading cards, or stamps, or even toys. There are a plethora of options when it comes to collecting items. As such, one can also get involved in challenge coins, particularly custom challenge coins. Before we venture what these are; we need to understand more about what challenge coins are first. 

A challenge coin is a metallic coin or medallion which may bear an emblem or a symbol of an organization or a group of people. The coin is traditionally given to members of the organization, group, or club. The coin is traditionally the one being used by the members to show veracity of one's membership of the organization, group, or club. It is called a challenge coin since it is the one being shown by a member when the membership is challenged. The coins are even provided to members of the military and normally given by unit commanders as recognition of special achievement by the member of the unit. The coins are being exchanged as a part of the recognition of a visit to an organization. 

There are many traditions in the military as part of the ways to build morale and camaraderie-one of the few traditions is the exchange of the challenge coin. The special coin or token can be a symbol that can be a great way to symbolize the fraternity within the ranks of the military. 

The coins are generally made out of copper or nickle. A typical coin is around 1.5 inches to two inches in diameter, and about 1/10 inch thick. The styles and the design may vary depending on the organization or military unit. There are some coins that don't appear like traditional coins. Some of the coins that may be shape as arrowheads, dog tags, or shields in some cases. The designs of the coins may be simple to elaborate. There can be multi-dimensional designs and cut outs. 

There are several origin stories on how the challenge coin started. It is now impossible to really trace the exact origin of the challenge coins. 

Custom Challenge Coins are artifacts being made to order thus the name custom. There are several sites on the Internet where one can order customized challenge coins. There are some who are willing to customize unique challenge coins for use outside the military ranks and for civilian use, which is something that one can look forward to.

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