Understanding Custom Challenge Coins

Many of us do indulge in collections. Some of us would collect trading cards, or stamps, or even toys. There are a plethora of options when it comes to collecting items. As such, one can also get involved in challenge coins, particularly custom challenge coins. Before we venture what these are; we need to understand more about what challenge coins are first. 

A challenge coin is a metallic coin or medallion which may bear an emblem or a symbol of an organization or a group of people. The coin is traditionally given to members of the organization, group, or club. The coin is traditionally the one being used by the members to show veracity of one's membership of the organization, group, or club. It is called a challenge coin since it is the one being shown by a member when the membership is challenged. The coins are even provided to members of the military and normally given by unit commanders as recognition of special achievement by the member of the unit. The coins are being exchanged as a part of the recognition of a visit to an organization. 

There are many traditions in the military as part of the ways to build morale and camaraderie-one of the few traditions is the exchange of the challenge coin. The special coin or token can be a symbol that can be a great way to symbolize the fraternity within the ranks of the military. 

The coins are generally made out of copper or nickle. A typical coin is around 1.5 inches to two inches in diameter, and about 1/10 inch thick. The styles and the design may vary depending on the organization or military unit. There are some coins that don't appear like traditional coins. Some of the coins that may be shape as arrowheads, dog tags, or shields in some cases. The designs of the coins may be simple to elaborate. There can be multi-dimensional designs and cut outs. 

There are several origin stories on how the challenge coin started. It is now impossible to really trace the exact origin of the challenge coins. 

Custom Challenge Coins are artifacts being made to order thus the name custom. There are several sites on the Internet where one can order customized challenge coins. There are some who are willing to customize unique challenge coins for use outside the military ranks and for civilian use, which is something that one can look forward to.

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Custom Challenge Coins

A custom challenge coin is a gorgeous coin that has diverse meaning to different individuals in the society. It is used by the law enforcers, private organizations and individuals alike. It always has a special significance or message behind it. The custom challenge coin has got a long-running history behind it. This article attempts to explain more about the history, significance, and uses of the custom challenge coin. 

It is believed that the challenge coin was first used in the Roman Empire in the medieval era. It was a special coin that was given to the soldiers in recognition of their exemplary work. It was used as an award as well as a morale booster. Urging the soldiers to continue with their great work or service.

This tradition spread to other parts of the world, mainly within the military ranks. The military of countries such as the United States, German and French used the challenge coin in the past. It was used for identification purposes, as an award and a morale booster. Different squads within the military opted to produce coins with their insignia to be issued among members of their squad. This was done as a sense of pride as well as a special identification of that particular squad members. In some quarters, specific coins were produced and given to spies so that they could use them to identify or authenticate themselves.

There is an interesting ancient narration as to how the custom challenge coin got its name. For obvious reasons, it would be referred to as custom because every organization and individual usually produced their own customized coins. However, there is an American pilot soldier who was captured by the enemies during world war one, after his plane crashed. As soon as he was captured, he was stripped of everything he had and all his identification were confiscated. This was in an attempt to discourage him from escaping as he had no way of identifying himself. 

Nonetheless, an opportunity presented itself and he escaped. He was again captured by the French who were a friendly camp. The French military was ready to execute him because he had no identification. He however produced his squadron's coin which he wore on a chain around his neck. This saved his life. When he got back to his squad and narrated this story, it became mandatory to have one's coin on them at all times. The challenge tradition gained momentum from then on. At any time, a soldier would challenge others to produce their coin, whoever didn't have his on them was required to buy drinks for the rest of the group. Click here to learn more!

The custom challenge coin is still used in the military and other law enforcement units. Many presidents in the United States have used these coins to award soldiers and to gift dignitaries who visited the nation. However, many organization has picked this tradition and produce custom challenge coins for their personnel. Individual also use them for their own personal and private theme.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Custom Challenge Coins

The use of custom challenge coins has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Before you buy your custom challenge coins, it is crucial to understand what you need because there is a wide range of options in the market. It is also crucial to ensure that you buy your custom challenge coins from a reputable manufacturer. A good way to ensure that you buy the right custom challenge coins is to research thoroughly before you make your purchase. Compare the pricing structures of various dealers of custom challenge coins to ensure that you get them at a reasonable price. There are people that end up buying the wrong custom challenge coins because they make their selection without researching adequately. In this blog post, we will discover more on the factors to consider when buying custom challenge coins.

First, you need to determine the quality of the custom challenge coins. There are a wide variety of custom challenge coins in the market. The quality of the custom challenge coins depends on things like the manufacturer or the cost of the challenge coins. Make sure that you buy the best quality of custom challenge coins so that they can last for a long time. To ensure this, compare the quality of different types of custom challenge coins before you make your purchase. Before you decide to go with a given type of custom challenge coins, ensure that you have enough information about their quality.

 Secondly, you need to consider the cost of the custom challenge coins. It is vital to buy the custom challenge coins that are within your financial capabilities. A good way to ensure this is to ask for cost estimates from different manufacturers of custom challenge coins before you make your purchase. It is essential to research the market price for custom challenge coins to ensure that you get them at a fair price. You should, however, prioritize your preferences when selecting the best Custom Challenge Coins.

Finally, ensure that you buy your custom challenge coins from a reputable manufacturer. Not all manufacturers if custom challenge coins are reliable. It is therefore critical to determine the reliability of the selected manufacturer before you make your purchase. You can learn about the reputation of the custom challenge coins' manufacturer buy going through their online reviews. Make sure that you buy the custom challenge coins with the most positive reviews.

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